Save the text document in the Convert folder with a suitable name. A new update of MLinkPlanner 1. Contains mainly Elevation and Object Area data. Select a PC as license server that all users have access to. The same system requirements are applicable when using high resolution map data covering large areas. Below the conversion of one client database is described.

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Start windows and close all applications. You may want to go to: PDF format, and to be able to read it you may have to install Acrobat Reader.

The results are better network performance and reliability. Planet allows you to combine live network measurements with advanced predictions for highly accurate network planning and optimization. The converted databases can have a new location. In the dialog that appears, see Start installing, Figure 1, select Install Dongle Driver, and follow the instructions and fill in data as limkplanner.

tems linkplanner software Export the information in the database Follow the steps below to export the data from the old database: All other trademarks are the linkplsnner of their respective holders. See Start installing, Linklpanner 1. The master database name must be the 6. This means that the license monitoring is done over the network and the number of simultaneous users is monitored. Select the reference database by using the lower browse button.


Pentium, 2 GHz or higher Memory: This must be done on the client PC.

The Edit license program starts. Having a single vendor that offers software, data and technical services is a great benefit to working with Infovista.

Coverage Study for Point-to-Multipoint Networks. Linkplahner license Use of TEMS LinkPlanner is monitored over the network and the license server should be installed on a computer in the network.

LZT R5A | reda hamra –

When the installation completes, restart the computer to start the license service. Removing the license server If the license server is installed by temd it can be removed. The demonstration database with some already prepared examples for different planning tasks. Select Shared and click OK. Below the conversion of one client database is described. This is for example useful for troubleshooting.

You can also export the tems linkplanner software one by one. Do not remove the license server.

Directory of Wireless System Planning Tools

It is recommended to follow the numbering during the installation. A message box is displayed, asking you to confirm the settings, Figure 7.


If you clicked OK in the previous dialog and entered lin,planner valid name, the conversion starts. Contains all kind of geographical data, except for Obstacle and Object Area data.

MLinkPlanner – PtP and PtMP Microwave Planning Software

The red check mark is eoftware. After import of the equipment data. Automation and Deployment Flexibility Through its powerful workflow automation, Planet can automate on a server the generation of virtually any coverage, traffic capacity map for pre-defined planning scenarios that are usually produced manually. If the installation failed to generate this file, double click the lock.