It seems like every day you hear about a new hacking incident or data breach, and you know you should be combing through your SplashID records, changing your old or weak passwords, and of course making sure you’re not using the same passwords on multiple sites. SplashData offers technical support and other resources online. I had thousands of records from the great Palm Treo version, and they did not sync or transfer correctly. I’m so angry with this 7. Any data on the Handheld will be replaced. I certainly recommend this program given its ease of use and syncing on multiple platforms, and the many different kinds of information it will allow you to record. This may not be necessary, however, as many logos are automatically assigned after you enter the record name.

splashid android

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Tap the View and Fix button to access a list of the records that contain these weaknesses.

splashid android

To the question “Where do anrroid keep your usernames and passwords? You can store and lock sensitive information – not just usernames and passwords but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more. Keepass2Android is a free password manager for your smartphone and compatible with Keepass or KeeWeb.

With wifi sync, those problems have gone away. Only SplashID Safe offers: The little extra that SplashID offers is that it is possible to select an icon or brand for each account – this provides better visibility when androoid browse through the list of all the thumbnails representing your different accounts.


Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. PassK – Password Manager.

SplashData Inc | Why does SplashID Safe for Android requi

Haven’t fired up my PC to see if it works as well, but given how well it works with the other platforms, I wouldn’t expect problems. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

In most cases, you will wish to leave the Default setting on the right set to Synchronize. Did I mention all this love for less than a Big Mac, fries and a drink? With SplashID, your data is easily and quickly accessible, reliably stored, and – most importantly – secure. If you want to add additional fields, tap an existing field, then tap Edit, then you can enter data on the extra fields or add attachments.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Less than 1 minute. I’m so angry with this 7.

splashid android

Free, native, secure apps for mobile, desktop, web, and browser – Choice of sync and storage: No other password app delivers SplashID’s combination of features, reliability, splwshid security. That’s what you should be doing, but the task is too often put off since it can be time-consuming and overwhelming.


From my Kindle I can not download the previous program that I had purchased for my 3rd computer-phone-Kindle. Camera access is required so that you can take a photo of a card such as credit card and attach that to one androis your SplashID records as an attachment. Local Wi-Fi Sync Only.

: SplashID Safe Password Manager: Appstore for Android

An excellent password manager on Android that makes it easy for you to connect to your favorite sites. Data recording is unlimited and is done by category.

In the past, syncing was a splaxhid, won’t detail it here, but suffice to say I didn’t do it often because it was so annoyingly klugy. More by SplashData, Inc. Now it is hard to search Manually connect the handheld and desktop apps over your local Wi-Fi network.

Firefox Lockwise is an Android application that allows you to recover passwords stored in your Firefox account. It can only be imported into the SplashID Safe desktop or web applications. Amazon Appstore Return Policy.

SplashID Android

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