Custom fields of any size require “SuperDB Tables” that have no easy interface to access and are severely confusing to the end users. Easily create online forms to be filled in by your constituents with Administrator’s Plus Online Forms. Course requests can be submitted by parents or students and approved by school staff before being received into AdminPlus. After a while this becomes annoying because of the extra seconds on every click that users must go through. Improve professional development with classroom walkthroughs and teacher evaluations.

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Having used Administrator’s Plus since the “days of DOS” to the present utilizing Administrator’s Plus cloud based features, Rediker continues to develop and evolve rediker software maintain itself as a leader in school information rediler.

The price is somewhat high. Interactive dashboards that show grades and progress. Students can enter their course requests online. See Softwaee Full Demo List. I feel rediker software the years, all the schools should be in 1 database. The software is highly flexible, which allows for continuation of our best practices and has also allowed us to support school operations we could not before, e. Other than that, no complaints.

Integrated School Management Software

We encourage you to keep us in mind as one of the best SIS systems available, with more than 35 years serving rediker software of soctware around the world. Basic knowledge of schools and the roles of educators and administrators. Integrated email and messaging capability for parents, students, teachers, and staff to easily communicate with one another.


Both of them are independent schools, which don’t necessarily follow the norm. Steve Traver, Dean of Students.

You cannot mention Administrator’s Plus without talking about the Rediker customer support and customer relationships. Choose from redikre of reports in Administrator’s Plus, download additional reports, or customize reports for your specific needs.

We take feedback from our schools very seriously in order to constantly rediker software. Learn more about our integrated solutions. Being able to post items to the calendar, email parents, students and faculty is very easy.

See School Management Software – Online Demonstrations | Rediker Software

Prior work experience in schools or serving schools is a plus Rediker Software is an equal opportunity employer. Please email us with your full name, school name, zip code or city and countryversion number of the product you are inquiring about, and a description of your issue. They have all spent many hours on the phone with me fixing problems, listening to my suggestions and just overall helpfulness with a great customer support rediker software.

That the Lookup cannot be used to enter data as one would Excel. Training is difficult to get and very expensive. Administrators, teachers, students and parents have secure access rediker software school and home using the Web. We originally bought this software because it was cheaper than Blackbaud.


I’ve never seen this level of support, responsiveness and helpfulness from any other company. We are currently hard at work on the next generation of AdminPlus.

Rediker Software

This easy-to-use system handles attendance, report cards, schedule building, discipline, billing and much more. Benefits We know you have a life, so we offer flexible working hours and ample vacation days. Excellent customer support for any type of problem, although wait times can be long. Responsive Website Design and Hosting. Similarly, the Rediker Software technical support staff is comprised of dedicated professionals: New rediker software to help with new programs that are integrated with Admin Plus.

Customer support long wait times. Our company is a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious, and independent schools. Rediker software modules don’t communicate with each other at all which is very frustrating.