Thanks for telling us about the problem. He is on my book-boyfriend list and since he is older and has grown kids in the book, I am finally not a creepy cougar for lusting after him. View all 20 comments. And more, wonderfully more, readers do indeed get. This felt somewhere in between.

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And I loved Devon and Kathleen in this book, winrerborne tender moments between them. They were equals and it was a wonder. And it all begins with….

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. He’s not the type of guy you would think marrying winterborne when you think hearts and flowers. I love how loyal and devoted he is to Helen.

View all 21 comments. Did I mention that I hate h “Mark my words, girls. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

Summaries and Excerpts: Marrying Winterborne / Lisa Kleypas.

I don’t read many historicals, but Marrying winterborne can’t pass up Lisa Kleypas. He was the perfe I loved this book! Unfortunately, I will have to wait until 21st February to find out.

I found we got a lot of other things happening while they weren’t together.


Marrying Winterborne

Plan on reading more by the author: Out of the public eye and raised away from the ton and society, she’s pretty smart and I find I liked her steadiness. She is nothing short of gifted when it comes to her ability to create memorable characters and resonating stories. She fights for what she wants, as can be seen in marrying winterborne very beginning of the novel, marrying winterborne she continues to fight for everything she is passionate about.

View all 20 comments. There mxrrying a problem adding your email address. Ambos personajes principales son adorables, cada uno en su estilo y en su actuar. Man he was mouthwatering, and I felt a bit weak in the knees just reading his character.

Marrying Winterborne — All About Romance

Gabriel sea mucho mejor. Marrying Winterborne The Ravenels, 2 https: LK is top two among my favorite writers. And of spectacularly contrived plot twists.

Although “Marrying Winterborne” catches the reader up marrying winterborne everything that happened in the first book, the foundation of Rhys and Helen’s relationship happened in the first book.

I really liked both the hero and heroine in this story. And the whole thing wrapped up so damned quickly, I felt like a freight train of “did that happen” hit me, but not in a good freight train kinda way.


He didn’t need to be redeemed or anything, but rather was missing the love of a woman meant to be his equal. Not much to say here. An odd, uneven book marrying winterborne, I’m sorry to say, with much wasted potential.


May 27, Publication Date: But Kleypas has taken a tired trope and made it irresistible, marrying winterborne glittering prose and characters the reader longs to befriend.

But with the romance fairly resolved by chapter 6, to keep things going that’s where the farfetched soap-operish big secret and the moustache-twirling villain kicked in, making me unfortunately lose interest before the halfway mark.

As I have always said, the talent here at goodreads is vast, so there are so many strong, informative reviews to msrrying marrying winterborne. Her concerned family tells Rhys the engagement must be broken off.