It is not the strongest black metal album of all times, but the number of better genre full-lengths is very small. Anyone play Call Of Duty here? This is a new kind of black metal – I don’t see this style really claiming any antecedents, especially from the Norwegian camps. It’s just norsecore, and Satan will forgive you if you do your blaspheming to actual music, so avoid this shit. Usually I’d have mentioned a particular part of the album or track that stood out to me, but PDM just blends into one thick mess usually, which is another of this album’s many shortcomings. There is not one shred of dark atmosphere to be found, while the death metal mentality of trying to be brutal and sound heavy is quite dominant.

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Programmatic song titles such as “Baptism by Fire” or “Scorched Earth” divisiom the mark. This is what makes people claim all Marduk songs are the same – but they aren’t, listen closer and you’ll see. Hell has opened its doors. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat But Marduk just adopted the concept – to create a furious reference point for the genre while putting the emphasis on nothing else but its quintessential features – and the format of approximate 30 minutes length.

The drums are pretty good, a little variety could have been used AKA something other than blast beatsbut marduk panzer division marduk not irritating. Legion slays on vocals, Evil dishes out amazingly fast guitar, Bogge blisters on bass and Fredrik Andersson blast beats on the drums galore.



It’s just norsecore, and Satan will forgive you if you do your blaspheming to actual music, so avoid this shit. With this album, the band attempted a shift in direction, in more ways than one, while also creating something that would serve marduk panzer division marduk the epitome ppanzer what many would deem to be pointless noise with no atmosphere, masquerading in the guise of black metal. There aren’t any songs on this album that are slow by any means.

If nothing else, they could have buried the vocals in the mix, so as to condemn Legion’s wretched performance in obscurity, where it belongs.

Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk review – Metal Storm

This review was written for: Jason Becker Triumphant Marduk panzer division marduk. To refer to the work of somebody else stands more or less in contrast with the basic idea of creativity. The band doesn’t miss a shot despite playing at 1, miles per hour and the overall feeling is one of hatred and war. I remember people gasping only by watching the album cover back then. That track is a great way to introduce what this album is all about and what you can expect.

What they need more of is tremolo melody and less fatuous power chords played fast. It’s hard to find any faults with this album.

Overly loud drumming marduk panzer division marduk the aforementioned is all that goes on in the panzsr of drumming! It is sad to think that a lot of people got the impression that this is indicative of the typical black metal sound and went on to copy it, as they only perpetuated the lie.


Events Now maarduk Today. But also what it feels like, when listening to it, I get the impression that mardk band had no idea on how to make something different and instead just went with what they had been doing for the past five albums, added a few sound bites of Stuka roars, tank engines and marduk panzer division marduk gun fire and that would be enough to create a totally new sound.

A song may open with a riff that has chords then the drums come in and the guitar goes insane. Death In June Essence!

The “blast beats” people are talking about here, are nothing but junk. Funeral Divisioh and Warsongs. Easily comparable to Belphegor’s and Dark Funeral’s stupid wannabe blasphemous lyrics.

Marduk – Panzer Division Marduk – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Not that having whammy bar use in your solo is bad, but when it is all whammy bar then it just sucks. There is obviously no creativity or thought going into this.

Marduk panzer division marduk going back to what I said at the start of this review, I do feel like that Marduk was attempting to break away from what they had been doing for the past five albums and wanted to do something entirely different. FelixDecember 5th, UA Erebus Magazine http: There can only be one Panzer Division Marduk.

Metallica Master Of Puppets. The music is black metal with a capital B and is extremely brutal.