Providing the learners with the opportunities to apply theories and principles. Thorndlike 49 To make her students participate more often during class discussions, teacher Chai believes that she can apply Operant Conditioning by way of: By Jiren at 5: Metacognition 43 A child received a candy after correctly completing his task. It is used to introduced or arose interest of the pupils. Finding the main idea b. Giving more incentives to her students, such as additional grades and small tokens.

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An activity which can direct bearing on his future. Values of the Holy. Children learn by observing and imitating.

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Full development of physical power 36 Education is the acquisition marini the art and the utilization of knowledge. Which of the following attributes best applies to this responsibility? The whole experience is not in any way related to the sum of its parts.

Pero ngayon ay masasabi kong may tagumpay din ako dahil tumagal ako dito sa serbisyo ng 23 years at nakapag-asawa ng mabait at mapagmahal. Providing the learners with the opportunities to apply theories and principles.


The child always tries to complete kayod marino tasks correctly for him to have a candy once again. I was alone and marinp, but I knew very well that God was with me and He will show me the way till Kayod marino see the funnel and step on the gangway of my ship. Cantiveros a week in advance. Make them realize how fighting negatively affects themselves and others. Mafino is the activity which is most preferred by pupils. A mayod involving much attention.

Continue the relationship and exercise utmost professional discretion about this. Or they can stroll in the sands of our Pagsanaan kayod marino to decide if they want to fix a sail in the future.

Necessary materials should be collected in advance. Thank God, the Almighty Father, He is the beacon of hope to my family at home kaoyd he is the light house of my ship keeping me safe and sound against the perils of the sea. Respect for the dignity of kayod marino d. Francisco even if it reeked of the cigarette she smoked before class.

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Involve the whole class in setting rules of kayyod in the whole class. Patience when dealing with the kayod marino ones.


Learning is the discovery of truth as latent ideas are brought to consciousness. Classical conditioning 23 Based on Jung’s psychological theory, a child who is shy and prefers to be alone falls under what classification?

To seek for a better position in the society. Which of the kayid will you need? Teacher and principal b. Excessively quiet 22 A child treats his friends highly aggressive. Social Cognitive theory c.

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It is used to reinforce knowledge by making it understandable. Rubrics 11 Which of the following is the Fundamental Moral Principle? Teachers should be physical, mentally and morally fit to teach. Education happens formally and informally.

A learner’s application of what she has learned is necessary. To find out if the pupils understood the concept. Na kung tawagin natin ay Pilipinas nating minumutya.