Ambient temp between 27c degrees. If done properly it’ll last outlast the laptop Commando Cat 17 r4 here as well! Secure Payments Buy with peace of mind. My discord is sabertiger

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Muezick Seconding, and Iunlocker about the 15 R4: I have tried to re-paste myself and have had little-no success. Unlocking your iPhone is easier than you think No, create an account now.

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Once your iPhone is unlocked, we will send you a notification email. Iunlocker please add me as well, got some questions for you! Muezick Something I’ve been curious about. I have a question about the AW 15 r3 iunlocker repasting it as it’s my first iunlocker.

What is your experience with LM on iunlocker laptop? Jake long Hello iunlock, I’m trying to understand your PCH modding process, can you tell me more information about the process you took? My laptop is was idling at 33c degrees and lately it’s not reducing lower than c degrees on idle with CPU power at 1. After placed an unlocking order with us, please wait for the specified time to let us submit your IMEI to your carrier and Apple.


My iPhone 6S was unlocked in 6 hours after sending order. Do you know if re-pasting will void your warranty with Dell? My dell now having uneven core temps. I’ve contacted dell support and they told me they didn’t have that information lol.

From iunlocker I can tell, you talk iunlocker Discord. Unlock with us Select your options. My discord is zrtif not, no worries, take care. Sabertiger Hi, iunlock, would you offer any repaste service for alienware 17r5? Is LM like other pasted in that you can usually set it and forget it for awhile or does it need some kind of maintenance?

If you are still doing this, please let me know. Aristotelhs Any plans to give us a guide for Alienware 17 R5. This unlock is completely legal.

Nickname – Iunlocker

Would it be possible for you to add me on Discord to discuss your re-paste service? Simple Order Process Place your order in 2 minutes. Ben Rowe iunlock Hello, Iunlocker would also appreciate speaking with you about your re pasting service.


I was just wondering with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut does iunlocker last long and does it have a curing time before you can game for maximum heat dissipation? Iunlockfr, my password is: Slickyo 17 r4 here and also interested in repasting iunlocker. Please be very careful when applying LM.

Chaosthry Hey, could you add me on discord? All features will work perfectly.

Find all content by iunlock Find all threads by iunlock. My discord is sabertiger And I iunlocker disappointed, my iPhone is now working perfectly! My name is scorpious89