Alpes Maritimes has been renamed as Alpes-Maritimes. P’yngan-bukto has been renamed as North Pyongan. Email Required, but never shown. Additionally, it can take a mixture of linear parameters and an Object parameter at the end. It can take linear string parameters second example on right as listed below:

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This background is visible while showing chart messages or when chart’s bgAlpha is set to less than Borders of the following maps have been updated: The linear fusioncharts 3.2 should be in order. Automatic rendering of JavaScript charts except Gantt and Real-time charts and gauges on devices where Flash player is not supported like iPad and iPhone. Text-selection I-beam cursor does not appear now when hovered over text.

This property returns a string representing the signature of the chart.

FusionCharts – Flash tools /

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More than the value of upperLimit of the gauge. Erratic ordering of Legend icons in Chrome. For more information regarding the events, click here. Sets or changes the data of the chart. Ufsioncharts the outputFormat is set fusioncharts 3.2 eventthe output fusionfharts assigned to the debugger using debugMode.


Corse has been renamed as Corsica. Better management of labels on charts. The method getChartFromId has been removed.

javascript – FusionCharts – bigger step/scale for large periods of time – Stack Overflow

The following entities have been renamed: In Angular Gauges, the color range is now applied properly, when real-time data values are in the following sequence:. Chart components like tooltips and events were persisting in the initial location of the chart, even after the chart was shifted via the container. Image can now fusionharts used to fill the chart background in different modes with custom alignments.

The function accepts a Boolean parameter. The first drilldown level fusioncharts 3.2 0 zero. X-Axis category labels in Scatter chart are overlapping fusioncharts 3.2 Flash charts.

Version 3.13.x

Disappearing legend issue in Flash Fusioncharts 3.2 chart when anchorSides is less than 3. This function acts as a compact constructor for FusionCharts. Ability to turn off url-decoding of links using the unescapeLinks attribute in JavaScript charts.

Unable to create individual dashed line-segments in JavaScript Single-series Line charts.


You give it two arguments: You need to use dispose function of the chart’s JavaScript Object. A reference fusioncharts 3.2 a chart is necessary to perform all available API functions, fusioncharts 3.2 all available properties and listen to events. The list below shows details on each function: When a chart ID is passed, it tries to return if available the reference of the instance of the FusionCharts object. This sets the color of the flash player’s background on which a chart gets drawn.

Custom fonts from client-side export can now be exported using useCanvas option. It takes an Object. If the value of visible attribute was set to 0 for an annotation group within dataSourcethe group was not displayed even fusioncharts 3.2 using the show API method. The folder structure of the download package is modified. Only when true is passed, the chart is prepared to have transparent background.