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Ciel nosurge , the first game in the Surge Concerto prequel series, has its own page too. Some of the cast went on to have parts in the crossover game Cross Edge. Doing so will allow the Reyvateils to craft new Song Magic as well as unlock new outfits, which act like improved equipment in battle. They get jealous, they want attention, they want to have a special relationship with you, each. Reyvateil Origins are the original Reyvateils who were created with a specific purpose in mind. Due to the strain that the power of Ar tonelico puts on their bodies, they tend to have naturally short life spans of only 14 to 20 years. The “alchemy” system, always present from gust, it’s also present here and

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The player spends Dive Points to enter different locations within the Cosmosphere.

Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia – Wikipedia

You can help by adding to it. This small world is isolated by the Sea of Death below and a deadly sea of plasma above. The encounter rate at bottom was a nice and once you killed enough things in a area they would all leave you tonekico.

The main protagonist is Lyner Barsett, a Knight of Elemia who fell from Platina when attempting to destroy one of the viruses, who was then saved by a reyvateil, Aurica Nestmile.

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At the end of each battle, experience points are awarded to all party members regardless of whether they participated in battle, and extra points are granted to those who killed enemies. There are three different types of Reyvateils. Ar Tonelico is a difficult game to judge, as fan of Japanese things and story I tend to like these kind of things. In a game where the main relationships you have are with Reyvateils, supergirls who are gifted with extreme powers but are like glass cannons and need constant protection and care, the writing is paramount in building up a credible and good relationship with them and making the love stories the game forces on you believable.


But for all the potential to the Cosmosphere dives, you never really get a writing good enough to make you feel like you’re going through a girl’s inner mind, at best it feels like you’re going through a decently written story of how a girl must feel like inside. While it’s a nice treat for us fans of Japanese things it’s easy to see why someone would get bored of it.

Melody of Elemia is not a bad game, but just falls short in the execution of some pretty unique and inventive ideas. Knell of Ar Ciel. The story centers on Lyner Barsett, an eighteen-year-old whose father governs Platina, a town located in the top floors of the tower. As long as any fighters remain alive, the Reyvateil can not be attacked directly by the enemy, and can only be targeted by charged attacks.

When targeted, a number of circles are shown around her to indicate the number of fighters that must protect her instead of attacking before the enemy’s next turn to completely block the attack. Melody of Elemia Review”. However, if you want something fresh in this tired and stale genre, Ar tonelico will most certainly deliver.

And this exactly that type of game, where the characters and story governs the gameplay. This is where the toelico gets its name: Each town presents several points of interest that may be reached by selecting their name on a menu, then navigated like a field map. Retrieved from ” https: If you like watching movies then get FF or one of those other 3d games elemka real time battles that only work in theory.


However, in order to cast more powerful magic, they have to take a harmful material called Grathnode into their bodies, through an act called Install.

Ciel Nosurge Ar Nosurge. Ar tonelico has eight playable characters, but many more are important to the storyline. Maybe the graphics, since they’re old, but they aren’t bad if you ask me: Shurelia therefore sends Lyner on a quest for the only thing that can help them: These two become very important characters, and the player must interact with them on a regular basis by conversing and Diving in order to progress through the game.

Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia – Guides and FAQs

Akiko Shikata”Shurelia”: Hymmnos is a language from the time before the two catastrophes that destroyed the world, and it is used by the Reyvateils to transmit their feelings to the tower to process them into Mlody Magic, although humans also utilize it for authentication purposes, issuing predefined commands to the Tower and the Download of Hymn Crystals.

Finally a real 2d turn based RPG. Since the Install is a very painful experience for the Reyvateils, they only let people that they really trust to do it.

And the writing often goes through the same motions and never really has any massively impactful moments.

Diving is a unique aspect of Ar tonelico’ s gameplay experience. Unlike fighter characters, the Reyvateil does not need to wait for her turn and can be given commands at any time during the battle. It’s still an okay game, and offers some good laughs and interesting gameplay mechanics, but it looks, oc and plays a generation behind its platform.

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